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  • Introduction

Hello Everyone

Hello Friends, the past periods with the ZSRO game I had served smoothly.
However, we realized that the majority of our players wanted a long-term gaming experience and missed the original ISRO Foundation.
For this reason, I designed Perox online in accordance with the high demands of my own.
Our game is simple, but in later times it will be an active, non-boring game.
Let's get to the introduction...

Let's begin !

Please, read our thread carefully and you'll find your system you would love to join us for.

Well, as a new project we all know that bugs/issues may happen. So Beta phase helps us to collect all bugs/issues that all players found to fix it to start a clean server. And sure we need your help to test everything and try everything we made for free, then you can decide to stay with or not. And its important to me to give me your feedback about the game its completely free or not. OFC we'll make sure to reward you if you find bug, so don't worry we value your efforts!​

With your feedback and reporting issues/bugs can be found during Beta-Phase, we can fix those bugs and start our grand-opening and a new long-term server.​

  • Basic Information

  • Basic Information
Info Value
Last tierEGY A EGY B Rate Hard
Max Plus+10(No Adv)
Battle ArenaEnabled
Job TempleEnabled
Holy Water TempleEnabled
Advanced ElixirEnabled (A & B)
Res ScrollsRemoved
Magic POPRemoved
Wanted SystemEnabled
Automatic eventsON




• OLD F10 •



  • Rates

  • Rates
Info Value
Exp / SPx4
Party EXP.5x
Drop Elixirx6
Drop Normal Items10x
Drop Gold1x
Drop SOX2x
Job Templedrop 10-15 arena each unique

  • How to get free silk ?

You have 3 ways to get free silk beside that u can buy silk

Vote 3 Silk every 12 Hour
after lv 85 open Hour = 1 silk

  • How to get SOX?
as orginal by drop from monster

  • How to get SUN?
from npc with arena coin and form forgeten world by collaction book

  • How to Arena Coins?

normal uniques drop it 2-10

  • Events
- Question And Answer Event

Bot will grap an question from sql table and when a player pop up with right answer, bot will reward him

-Gm Killer Event
Bot Will Appear in X Place with a cap and waiting for other players to attack and kill him , killer will get reward

-Higher Alchemy Plus Event
Bot will Appear in X Place and Drop an amount of items , the player who achive the higher plus on those items will win.

-Hide And Seek Event
Bot will Start The Event Going To X place, waiting to be discovered by any player.

- Fetch Normal Uniques Kills & Reward Players
You Can add Rewards For Normal Uniques kills.

-Math Event
solve mathimatical simple problems

- Lucky Party number Event
Lucky Reform Number is an event starts record what last current party number .. adding a challange number ex. if the current number is 1 and challange number is 20 .. target winner reform will be 21.. the player who achive that target reform will win

- Search And Destroy Event
bot will move to x place and spawn a x unique.. waiting for a player to find & kill that unique.

- Most Deadly Player ( Pvp Match ) Event
Pvp Match Starts in X place ( Registerd players will be recalled to that place ). Players underjob suits will not recalled, Each Kill in pvp = 10 points . who get higher points will win the event.

- Most Wanted Player ( 1 Against All ) Event
bot will teleport to x place and choose 1 player from registered players in event .. this player will be under murder status the challange is about hide or keep running tell he arrive any savezone or event time finish which is closer. if another player killed him the killer will get the reward or if the murder player escape he will get reward and back to normal status.

- Known Uniques Spawn Event
Normal Uniques Spawn Event

- Lucky Global Event ( Lottery Event )
its a lottery event started by listen to all globals and record it in special time , winner will be random 1 player from all global writers.

-Auto Notice Feature
Known Auto notice so you can use insert line anywhere in your database to submit a notice into game

- Lucky Staller Event
- this event will start in x Place , Players will invoice that then they start opening stalls , all opened stall will be recorded and only 1 random player will win.

- Choose the right answer Event
this events starts by sending a question and 4 answers in globals , who choose the right answer will win .

  • Filter Features

  • Filter Features
Name Value
IP Limit8
Arena PcLimit1
Job PcLimit1
CTF PcLimit1
Fortress PcLimit1
Max Plus10 No Adv
Guild Max Users32
Union Max Guilds2
Battle Arena Require Level90
Stall Delay20 sec
Exchange Delay20 sec
Logout/Restart Delay20 sec
Plus Notice+6
DC Afk Players on ( CTF , Arena , PVP , FW)True
Disable goods drop items inside townsTrue
Bot Bolck in CTF , Arena , PVP , FWTrue

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