AngelRoad l140 CAP lD14 lEU / CH l Silk / Hour lPrison Arena lReputations & Achievements

►AngelRoad Introduction:
Hello Silkroad Community!
AngelRoad is a newly launched server offering a fresh gaming experience that we are sure all of our players will enjoy. Before going into the server main features and talking about our main we would like to give you some information about AngelRoad's vision. Our team is passionate and do have the will to continue improving this project. And we are aiming to create the smoothest and the most enjoyable Silkroad experience our players will have.

►AngelRoad Rules:
To be sure that our players are going to get a fair gaming experience we have set some rules that we will make sure that everyone follows. Breaking he following the rules will lead to a punishment / ban. You can check the rules here. AngelRoad Rules .

►Cap And Degree → CAP 140 - D14
AngelRoad will be a high cap and degree server which we believe that this scene lacks. We believe that we can achieve the perfect balance with this cap and which will also allow us to introduce new features and increase the lifespan of the server.

►Races → EU / CH
European and Chinese builds with each other is always good as good as they are well balanced, We've made sure to work on the balance aspect specially for the Chinese race.

►Rates → Exp: 80x - Party Exp: 90x
Leveling up is usually pretty boring right? specially in a Cap 140 server So this is why our rates are kind of high, But so we still don't make your Plvling experience boring we have added some new ways of plvling to the max cap.

►Mastery → EU: 280 - CH: 560

►Fortress War → Jangan

Fortress War !! The most beloved activity for any SRO player. We've opened 1 fortress at the current time [Jangan]. Opening more fortress areas is possible depending on the server activity.

►Max Plus → +26
The max plus on any item in AngelRoad is going to be +22 No Adv [+26 with Advanced Elixirs].

►Guild Limit → 50

►Union Limit → 4

►Magic Pop → Disabled

- We've made sure to provide our players with some necessary items while starting up so it makes their journey towards leveling up and improving a little easier. - Leveling up in the early levels can be a bit frustrating and annoying and that's why we've created a special unique [Lady's Charm] that gives you a reasonable amount of EXP and SP and it also drops some useful scrolls which will help you throughout your journey later in the game. Lady's Charm spawns at the same spots as the reverse scrolls recall points are beside some other spawn points which will be shown in the images below.

Lady's Charm Spawn Points


- / 4

Lady's Charm Rewards

We have implemented a new lottery system which will guarantee you some useful items and scrolls. Those lottery tickets can only be obtained in Job Mode by killing Thief / Hunter NPCs while jobbing.

Lottery Rewards
►Forgotten World
Forgotten World is one of the main activities in the server through which you can get your gears and last tier items from.

Forgotten World Boss Uniques drops various items like:

ImmortalsRocketsEGY B Weapons

And upon collecting all the Forgotten World Books you will be rewarded with an EGY A Weapon .

►Job Temple.

By doing activities in the Job Temple you can get EGY B set items drops.

►Holy Water Temple
By completing your Holy Water Temple runs you will be dropping EGY B Accessory Items.

►EGY A Weapons
EGY A Weapons
can be obtained by collecting all the books from the Forgotten World.

►EGY B Weapons
EGY B Weapons
are dropped by the boss uniques in Forgotten World.

►AngelRoad Type (A) Weapons
AngelRoad Type (A) Weapons
can be obtained from the AngelRoad NPC.

►AngelRoad Type (B) Weapons
AngelRoad Type (B) Weapons
can be obtained from The White Viserion.

►AngelRoad Type (C) Weapons
AngelRoad Type (C) Weapons
which has the highest attack rate and Durabililty can be obtained from AngelRoad's Special Coupon in the Item Mall.​

We have worked on a new unique feature which is the Achievements System. This system allows you to do various in-game activities and get rewarded with game changing rewards like STR / INT stat points, Damage Absorption, Critical Increase and many other scrolls.

Ways of acquiring​
Bird of paradiseKill Ja'far, Isyutaru, Demon Shaitan14 Int / Str Stats, Critical 5 increase
HerculesKill sauron10 Str / Int Stats
Orion The HunterKill Tiger girl, Uruchi, Ivy, Nymeria5% Damage inc / abs
Holder Of SerpentKill Medusa25 Attack Rate
FlyUse Rocket.
SwordfistKill Lord Yarkan, Jupiter, Earth, Cerberus15 Int / Str
SwanKill Roc5% Damange inc / abs
Southern crownKill Kakradann25 Int / Str
DragonKill Baal, Babilion, Yuno18 Int / Str
Little bearKill Ser Devos the Onion Knight
AquilaKill Togui Elder10 Critical Increased
TriangulumKill Demon Shaitan T, Isyutaru T, Tiger Girl T, Lord Yarkan T, Uruchi T3% Damage inc / abs
After reaching a certain achievements level you will get rewarded with various scrolls and increased stats.

Achievement Level​
Sapphire - 100 Achievement5 Int / Str, 1% Damage / Absorption, 2% Alchemy and luck boost
Emerald - 300 Achievement8 Int / Str, 3% Damage / Absorption, 3% Alchemy and luck boost
Ruby - 500 Achievement10 Int / Str, 5% Damage / Absorption, 5% Alchemy and luck boost
Diamond - 1000 Achievement20 Int / Str, 8% Damage / Absorption, 8% Alchemy and lucky

You can get reputation points by doing daily in-game activities.

Reputation Points​
Daily Login2 Reputation Points
Kill Medusa5 Reputation Points
Kill sauron5 Reputation Points
Kill Kakradann20 Reputation Points

►AngelRoad Special Coupon

AngelRoad Special Coupon is a scroll that you can get from the Item Mall which you can exchange for a special weapon [Highest Attack Rate]. The exchange can only be done with a GM. You will tell the GM which weapon do you want and handle him the coupon.

►Title Coupon

Title Coupon is a scroll that you can get from the Item Mall which you can exchange for a special Title. The exchange can only be done with a GM. You will tell the GM which Title do I want and handle him the coupon. There are more than 200 Special Titles Available

►GM / EM hosted Unique events:
Our GM / EM staff members will be manually hosting Unique Events through which the players will be able to win various rewards for killing the boss uniques.

►Events for Low Level Players:
We have made special events for the players who haven't reached the max level cap yet. Uniques will be spawning in a certain arena [Available through Jangan teleport portal] which give a significantly high amount of EXP.

►Hide and Seek Events:
This is an easy event to follow up with. All you need to do is to find the EM / GM location and you will get rewarded with a Zerk Scroll or an EXP Unique.

►Questions and Answers Event:
A question will be asked and the fastest player to answer that question correctly will be rewarded with a Zerk Scroll or an EXP Unique.

►Search and Destory:
A Battle Gollem unique will be spawned randomly in the map and the player who kills it will be rewarded.

►PvP Events:
Out staff members will be hosting major PvP Events weekly and the winners will be rewarded with valuable prizes.