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    Wink Erius - 100 CAP | CH | PC LIMIT 2 | Wind Mastery | Creativeness | JOIN US NOW

    Website :

    Players Online : 1000 ~ 700

    Donation Method : Paygol - Payment wall - Superreward

    Do you remember those days when you could hear people whispering "yeah, we're having a union trade in two hours" and you were already calling your thief friends to spawn the most epic battle ever? Do you remember those days without Euro characters, so no 2-hand/clerics who would obliterate our so-beloved? Do you remember reaching 32lvl would make you say "YAAY!"? Do you remember when hunting Lord Yarkan was an odyssey to lure, stuck, and kill him with your Union? Do you remember those days where you could reach level 100 in barely 3 days? -Neither do I.

    Erius is a game that makes you feel the old days of our most beloved game. Where you can enjoy the Chinese culture. The real Chinese culture. With some new features to add more joy. Adding honey to that yogurt. Huh?. Well, Bon-Appetite!

    We all know how much you and us ( Yes us, We are sro-addicts just like you ) love this game, No matter how many years passed we are still in deep love with it. We spent months thinking of how to give this community something they deserve.

    Something that is not a bluff anymore, Something that isn't a fraud, Taking your money and the next day its gone. We decided to gift you and us with this Erius server. A server without Game-masters, our Developers will play just like you. They will be normal players without any privileges. We want to enjoy Silkroad. just like all of you.We don't care about your money. We care about your joy! It's our goal to revive and improve the gaming experience that Silkroad Online once provided. Erius guarantees you a new experience with a stable server, custom features and much more. Our rates and item values are calculated to provide a steady long term game experience without and lows.

    The idea of being Level 100 in few days and having full sun isn't fun at all. This most often ruins the economy and leaves players who didn't start the first few days way behind. We tried to create a concept to keep a good balance to our loyal players which also shouldn't be too hard for upcoming players.

    You can mess with everyone with ease if you are active. We are proud to prevent the server from Gold selling-pages. As a fact of our new end gear System, we are able to offer you a lot of new content by time which is worthy but not overpowered.

    You won't be disappointed! without a mass of useless over edited features, but features which make the Game most as enjoyable as possible. We hope you will visit us, and help us to improve the server to an even greater extend, we all know you crave the 10-degree as much as you crave that hotdog sammich over there! But you aren't getting the sammich. Good news! Erius is here. Its here with some nice delicious toppings. Ahh! not Ketchup. Bored of the ordinary Ch build? Cold/Fire/Mehh..? Well, you get a new FORCE masteries.! WIND masteries. Guess its time to be the new Avatar! The SRO AIRBENDER! We are waiting for you, let the story begin.

    Okay really now? Are you still asking? Well let alone all we mentioned, our game balance, from items to skills to rates.
    You're probably bored of the art works and loadings screens, we added new art works with nice quotations to make every single, bit of Erius joyful, made and created exclusively by our personal designerr. Do not waste reverse scrolls to read it! Fortress? Okay, welcome to Donwhang's fortress, yes... "Donwhang" that wasn't a typo. Stability game-play, with lag-less,bug-less free to play the game. Supporters are always online. Shifts that basically support every language. From Arabic to Turkish to German to English, even jibberish, my speciality... "ddfasddkfdjbgh". There you go, that means Erius loves you.

    Erius, is not based on one thing. We decided to activate all the features with major edits. Our core system guesses its boring to only hunt uniques, only trying to get those trades into the next town or standing lonely inside the Battle arena hoping someone will join to get those coins. How about everything ot once? Yes a mixture of fun! Ketchup and mayo! What about pepsi? Oh shame on me was gonna forget, you can farm magic pop! Yep magic pop and win some intense items. if you're lucky enough. (no silk needed). The silkroad is all about trades. Its taken of the old silk road myth. Which links the east with the west. but we can't forget about the Coin System which is important for some gamers And Uniques, other members think uniques are the most important part.

    The Item Sell price you have is way lower than what you get by actively jobbing. None of the top game gears can be obtained through just being AFK, Boting. Either you have to kill Uniques such as Roc or Medusa, go Jobbing or visiting Capture the Flag. Well the only thing you could Gold bot are Elixirs and Stones but active Players have a big Money advantage so they can buy them easily from "Gold farmers" without having any need to do it on their own.

    Our SoX rates are not high, Yet not low, Hence, the fact of being Level 100 in couple of days and having full moon isn't fun at all as we are a Player verses environment system and it would easily ruin the economy and eventually the game-play.

    Our punishment system is a little bit unique.
    If you speak in GLOBALS any other language than English, You will get a Chat ban.
    Racist slurs towards ANY nation will get you a chat ban.
    Scamming will result into an Exchange ban.
    Bug abusing will result into a Ban. Depending on the situation.
    Excessive bug abusing might lead into an IP ban.
    -All our punishments are automated AND are manually optimized by our team.
    -If you ever think you were punished by mistake. Contact our supporters or directly report to us on our website.

    We are aware of the most important problem this community is facing. Corruption
    We took our security measures to the top. As for now. Everything is automated and you will not encounter
    an In-Game GM. Moreover, our GM logs will be public on our website. Hence every single one of you can take a look and read them. AS definitely trust is one of the main aspects of success. And we promise to maintain your trust.

    Since we do support Play2Win game-play, we are enabling silk/hour system.
    [1]Silk every 2 hours. To avoid ruining the economy. However that is just not it.
    Silk items can be bought as well with E-Coins.

    Beeing able to go full ham mode against monsters the moment you create your char is fun.
    Hence we decided to provide you with some essential items to help you getting started.
    We as well added those old Helpers of Isro. To give it a smell of the past.

    These stacks were chosen carefully for helping you to save slots and time.

    Our Job System is based on the common job activity as you know it.
    You will make [5] E-Coin and 161m gold from a full 5* trade from Donwhang to Hotan.
    161m for just one trade, yeah. We will always monitor the economy to avoid inflation.
    You can expand your journey for more gold benefit, but the maximum E-Coin value will always be [5]

    We also have the Honor Job System.
    It all depends on your job kills, kill more gain more!,
    your kills will be calculated as Honor Points.
    According to your rank you will get honor buffs
    You can view your rank from the Storage Manager at any town.
    Ranks will be refreshed everyday 12:00 PM Server time
    Erius' MAX job level is [40], once you reach the MAX level
    you will get a special title next to your job name.

    Trader #1| Stockbroker
    Hunter #1| Marshal
    Thief #1 | Raider

    New Trader Routes
    New trade routes, just to give a taste of fun making trade, not using anymore the old bored default routes.

    We never forgot about these old days when quests were a vital aspect of silkroad's game-play,
    where you had to read the quest's scenario and story. Hence we decided to implement our
    own quest system in order to obtain seal of moon weapon and shield.

    As Magic Pop always supported the Pay2Win aspect of the game, normally its disabled,
    but we wanted to bring back Magic Pop without the need of paying for Silk.
    So we are happy to introduce our Special Magic Pop Area, which replaced the Battle area.
    You just have to hunt down the evil penguins inside the Arena and hope to drop magic pop cars.
    You can play the known Magic Pop NPC to get win really good stuff.

    Removed Purification Pills from NPC and added them as an unlimited single Skill.
    To avoid the very known pills bug.

    Our alchemy rates are not high neither they are low. A specific explanation of definitely be not viable. As it is based on your own luck. Good luck. To give non donating users a chance to go higher than +5 without risking their hardly earned gear, Immortal stones will be dropped by uniques. Stronger uniques are more likely to drop more immortal stones than weaker ones.

    Not just some reworked Masteries. A whole new Skill tree!
    Yes, we like to play old-school and we already tested every build and had fun,
    but we already know everything about builds and whats the best build to P-lvl, pvp,
    hunt uniques, win at fortress, go jobbing and so on.
    But this time we got something new to bring back the old
    feeling of not knowing what to do and being able to explore new builds!
    Images below.

    [GALLERY=title: Wind Skills, scale: 0.9][*]image:, title: Wind Whirl Hurricane., description: Nuke[*]image:, title: Symphony of War., description: Wind Dance[*]image:, title: Symphony of Meditation., description: Wind Dance[*]image:, title: Wind Imbue.

    SoX Values:
    Seal of Star equipment are equal to normal last tier [+2]
    Seal of Moon equipment are equal to normal last tier [+3.5]

    SoX Ratio Drop:
    Seal of Star : MEDIUM
    Seal of Moon : HARD

    Seal of Star's ratio is balanced. To avoid flooding the economy and game-play with them.
    They will be dropped by job temple uniques and mobs.

    SOM Weapons will be rewards for our Questsystem.
    SOM Gear will be dropped by high level Uniques like Roc, Medusa, Zealous, SubZero and Job temple Uniques.
    SOM Accessories can be obtained by jobbing.

    Hence botting is a bad idea for dropping a SoM item, it won't get you anywhere.

    We didn't just adjust the physical and magical power of weapons and forgot about reinforce and armor stats.
    We have changed every value (power, reinforce, critical, block,..) for every item, not just weapons.

    [GALLERY=title: Seal Glow and Plus, scale: 0.9][*]image:, title: Seal of Star., description:[*]image:, title: Seal of Moon., description:[*]image:, title: Coming soon..., description:[*]image:, title: Plus Glows, description: Plus Glows on Normal Weapon

    Our brand new fortress war system won't be as catchy as it is now after adding our new fortress. Donwhang.
    Erius first Fortress Battlefield will be located in Downhang every Sunday at 18:00 Server time.

    Survival Event
    This event was replaced with the Battle Arena.
    But now with ( 4 ) types, one type each day will be launched.
    You will be able to see the current type once the event is announced by the game notice.
    1- 8 Players VS 8 Players
    2- Party VS Party
    3- Guild VS Guild
    4- Job VS Job

    General Information:
    * Once you are inside the event you will be able to see a table of the current points of your team
    and the points of the opposite team.
    REWARD: 1 E-coin Per Kill and 5~8 Coins for every 1 player in winner team.
    Yet we haven't forgotten about the losing team. They will get 2 ~ 4 Coins for every 1 player.

    Premium Modification
    Modified the Premium to fit the old-school system.
    we don't want to see dominance of donators in Erius since we are here play2win and will always be..

    Wanted Feature
    If someone could kill 10 players in row he will get a 'Hero Buff'
    and if he could kill another 10 players again his buff will be increase by 1 level
    Level 5 is the maximum level.
    To avoid cheating we made the limit of killing a single character maximum 3 kills.

    Permanent CHN Buffs
    Our buffs are a little bit special. As they are permanent. Which basically means.
    If you launch your buffs they will never vanish till their Cool-down is over.
    Even if you attempt to teleport or re-log.

    Devil's spirit.
    Devil spirit has been optimized to perfectly fit into our play2win game-play and cap level,
    We have nerfed [Maximum-MP/Maximum-Hp/Mag/Phy damage] to 10%.

    Special Reward For Guild Master Occupied Fortress War
    Added Special Reward for Occupied Fortress War Guild Master Title "King of Erius" whenever you lose the fortress war or transfer Master, Title & Special Skill will be transferred to the new master and will be removed from Ex Master.

    Guild Manger - Reworks GP Points
    Reactivated the GP Points by adding some useful items on GUILD MANGER NPC

    STR Uniques
    There is also "STR Uniques" so we make it even more fair for our faithful str members to be capable of hunting uniques as well.

    Changed D10 Immortal & Astral Icon
    We decided to change the colour of 10Degree immortal and Astral icon to avoid confusion and at some rare cases. Scamming.

    Union & Guild Set limit
    To maintain better Wars and Fortress wars, to ensure commensurate
    guild and unions with server capacity we have decided to make...
    - Guild limit is 32 Players
    - Union limit is 2 Guilds
    Changed the union limit from 8 to 2 and we reduced the guild limit to 32 instead of 50 to make the game more competitive at the fortress war.

    What are you waiting for?

    Got any Questions? Join the Erius Community on discord!

    Developer: Kz
    Designer: Eze
    Pk2 Editor: Doc, aka Alex
    Tester: Boomba
    Tester: seveN
    Video Promoter: Bloody
    Supporter: brochach0
    Community Manager: CiviI

    Support us by using our signature on epvp!


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    Looks nice but you need translate this to spanish!

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