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Acerca de ShirleenMa
The rapid growth of these pages combines with BuzzFeed
News' findings to suggest a troubling conclusion: The best way to attract
and grow an audience for political content on the world's biggest social network is to eschew factual reporting and instead play to partisan biases using false or misleading information that simply tells people what
they want to hear. This approach has precursors in partisan print and
television media, but has gained a new scale of distribution on Facebook.
And while it isn't a solely American phenomenon the
British Labour party found powerful support from a similar voice
these pages are central to understanding a profoundly polarized moment
in American life..

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When ever we use our phone or go online, information is collected about us all.
But most of us have little understanding about exactly what information we are
giving away and how it is being used. The following tools and apps
have been recommended by Tactical Tech to help you explore and expose your
own digital shadow..

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Yeah no shit sherlock how she looked, the gif was cut that way, she even throws the first
punch, if she didn want to fight, why be wearing fighting equipment.
The same logic can be said if you only started watching the gif as soon as
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Board sports, Cricket
2nd grade in Business and Management


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